SFKCO Chemicals is the Exclusive distributor for Oman Formaldehyde Chemical Company(OFCC).

Oman Formaldehyde Chemical Company LLC (OFCC) is the only manufacturer of Urea Formaldehyde Concentrate (UFC-85) and Aqueous Formaldehyde (AF-37) in Oman.

The Company owns and operates a 125 TPD Urea Formaldehyde Concentrate (UFC-85) and/ or 203 TPD for Aqueous Formaldehyde (AF-37) production facility.

Applications for AF-37

>> Basic chemical for synthetic resins / molding compounds
>> Embalming fluids
>> Foundry moulds
>> Fumigant for poultry farms
>> Inorganic synthesis
>> Intermediate chemical for oil field formulations
>> Lamination, Insulation, Fiberglass industries
>> Leather and furniture industries
>> Metal working industries
>> Organic dyestuff
>> Paper processing
>> Pharmaceuticals, Preservatives
>> Photographic chemicals
>> Rubber, Sugar, Textile industries
>> Soil disinfection chemicals
>> Water treatment industry