Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to SFKCO Group,. Here you will find a comprehensive, in-depth review of our company,

SFKCO has the most experienced professionals in the Industry averaging 20 years of expertise. SFKCO have continued to expand the scope of our business as a trading company with a focus on chemicals. Our business encompasses agricultural chemicals, construction chemicals, Industrial chemicals, fine chemicals and food chemicals. As a vibrant enterprise with a proven history, SFKCO has continually renewed itself to meet emerging needs.

At the turn of the 21st century, the acceleration of technical innovation and globalization hurled us into borderless worldwide competition. This situation has presented significant challenges for many enterprises, especially trading companies.

As a trading company, we have focused each of our divisions on a strategic area with an eye on emerging trends. This effort is grounded in the expertise, technical strengths, and network that SFKCO has established over our many years of operation. As we remain focused on sharpening our competitive edge, we will continue to pursue capabilities of value to our customers.

Dubai sits at the crossroads of that global economy, as its selection to host the World Expo 2020 attests, and can play an increasingly important role in future as a business hub for companies and investors from all over the planet. In recent years, we have seen the emergence of a new trend as local businesses and entities from the United Arab Emirates began to expand and invest into other markets. To be successful at this requires, I believe, a mixture of ambition and humility; to set challenging goals while understanding one’s own strengths and shortcomings. I am immensely proud that SFKCO has harnessed these qualities in its international growth.

In an age of constant change and ever-diversifying popular values, we will work proactively to keep abreast of those changes, maintain an uncompromising approach toward corporate social responsibility, and continue to earn the trust of all stakeholders and society at large.

SFKCO Group look forward to your continued confidence and support in the years to come.


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