About SFKCO Chemicals

Who we are.

SFKCO Chemicals is a Global Market Leader in the distribution of versatile chemicals - connecting chemical manufacturers and end users to provide innovative business solutions.
With a robust team and business model, we are dedicated to satisfying the need of the customer - ensuring that every order is delivered with speed, quality and accuracy.


» A wide range and in-depth knowledge of chemical products
» Efficient transport and logistics,
» Customized solutions,
» Excellent value added services
» At a competitive cost

What we do

SFKCO purchases and stores large-scale quantities of industrial and specialty chemicals from various worldwide suppliers and provides customized deliveries to our clients. We hold leading market positions for import & distribution of chemicals.

We service over 1000 customers in Middle east, Africa and Asian countries across a diverse group of industries including Constructions, Coatings, Oil & Gas, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care, Water treatment, Paints, Plastic and Rubber , Animal feed, Fertilizers and more.

We source chemicals from more than 50 producers, including many premier global manufacturers such as SABIC, SASOL, Chemanol, LG, Exxonmobil, Matrix, Aditya Birla, Godrej. We partner with suppliers to integrate our services and logistics capabilities into their business processes, promoting efficiencies such as collaboration on supply chain optimization.

Our strength is to effectively use the full range of competencies that make us unique in our industry. We not only just focus on quality products but also a perfect distribution business model to provide our suppliers and customers with highest level of service, reliability and timeliness of deliveries while offering cost-competitive products.

What We Believe

We are committed to create a positive environment for our employees, ethical business practices for the community, competitive pricing and quality products for our customers, a collaborative relationship with our suppliers.

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